Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like Riding a Bike

Firstly, I want to apologize to the Blog gods for not being more consistent with my blogging. These past few months have been a little busy...the twins went back to school, and due to my husband's ER visit (3 days after the baby was born) we have had many doctor's appointments/follow-up visits for each member of the family.

Anyhoo, I am here now and that's what's important.

This blog entry is titled Like Riding a Bike because I'm amazed at how much has come back to me about babies in these past few weeks. Not to get anyone jealous (especially new moms) but it has been amazingly easy this time around. Granted, it could be because it's just one baby now, but the crying doesn't bother me and oddly enough, neither does the sleep deprivation. However, I accredit this "easiness" and patience to being 7 years older this time around and being more mature. I now know that this year of her life is going to fly by and there will come a day where I will have to look at a picture or a video to remember the little things I found to be so cute. Am I taking my time to smell the roses? You can say that...if smelling roses is painting her cute little toes and then snapping a picture to remember how tiny those little toes were.