Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Making Blog History

I can say with full assurance that I am the first in my immediate family to have a blog. My mother doesn't know about this, if she did, this is what she would say "You need to be careful with that internet, people can steal your identity". Well mom, rest assured, the rest of the world doesn't care about little ole' Lisa and the mundane things that happen in her life...except for her family and friends...hopefully.

I have created this blog mainly because I wanted to document my life as a wife and mother who has recently found herself pregnant again (after a failed vasectomy nonetheless). I haven't been pregnant for 7 years since I had my identical twins girls and honestly it scares me how much I have forgotten about pregnancy, labor and newborns.

This blog will hopefully be my outlet as I reenter the hectic world of stay-at-home-mommy-hood.

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