Friday, June 19, 2009

Pregnancy Blues

First of all, I am in complete awe when I step outside. I can't believe the heat here in the Gulf. I even took a picture as proof. Luckily, I have been told that this is a heat wave and that temperatures don't usually get like this until August...great.

Have you guys heard my description of the hospital that I am going to have my baby in? I've decided that it either looks really old, like from the 60's or very futuristic. I'm hoping that it's the decide.

Anyway, down to the Blues. I went to the OB doctor today. I got an ultrasound done and was told that my baby is probably 6 lbs. 12 oz., good right? Not exactly. My OB said that she is measuring a little behind...gestation-wise. I am 37 wks but my baby is me
asuring at about 35 wks. Great, I guess I can say goodbye to my hopeful July 4th delivery date. Then they double check the sex of the baby and I'm told that she's "still a girl!" Great, again.

Then I get checked by my OB Dr. and find out that I am "very posterior"..."What does that mean?", I ask (as I mentioned in my earlier post, it's scary how much I've forgotten about pregnancy). She explains and says, " means that you've hardly dilated...although, your baby has definitely dropped."

Well, isn't that just...GREAT?!

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  1. are fine! your hospital looks like it belongs in are having a baby at a freakin miami resort...lets have a little talk about evening primrose oil as soon as you hit 36 weeks you need to start using them. Ultrasounds are extremely inaccurate, especially as you get further along in your pregnancy. You will have that baby on he day God says, not the day the stupid ultrasound predicts.